§1983 / Civil Rights Litigation

Under federal law, people can sue government agencies or government employees “acting under the color of the law” for civil rights violations. Often, these federal civil rights lawsuits involve law enforcement, such as allegations of excessive force or police brutality.

Crowe LaFave has represented hundreds of police officers and other first responders in civil actions throughout South Carolina. The firm’s skilled civil rights defense attorneys have taken numerous cases to trial in both federal and state courts and know how to explore every avenue in defending the careers and reputations that are on the line. They have the depth of experience in Section 1983 civil rights cases to understand how to craft a solid defense based on the facts, as well as the extensive legal knowledge needed to develop a sound and effective courtroom strategy.

Crowe LaFave is committed to standing by its law enforcement clients every step of the way, no matter how long it takes.