Medical Malpractice and Pharmacy Defense

Often complex and high stakes, professional negligence cases are some of the most complicated to defend. The skilled professional negligence attorneys at Crowe LaFave are highly experienced in representing physicians, pharmacists, and other practitioners.

Health-care providers know that when their reputation is at risk, they can rely on Crowe LaFave’s malpractice attorneys, who have the skills to put together the best defense possible.

The firm works to quickly identify the pertinent issues, utilizing its network of medical experts to assess each case. The malpractice defense lawyers put together the strongest possible case, carefully explaining the process to the client at every step.

Crowe LaFave’s skilled litigators are always prepared to take the case to trial. However, if the client elects to settle the matter, the firm’s extensive legal background and exhaustive preparation will place the client in the best negotiating position.