From business owners to individuals, you can be the subject of a negligence lawsuit in South Carolina even if the plaintiff is partly at fault. That is why representation from the start by an experienced civil litigator at Crowe LaFave is critical.

Negligence lawsuits can be complicated, both factually and legally. Crowe LaFave negligence defense attorneys have the extensive experience and legal know-how to navigate even the trickiest of cases.

There are multiple steps involved in any negligence lawsuit, including a determination of whether the client owed the plaintiff a duty, breached that duty, and caused the plaintiff’s claimed damages. Crowe LaFave negligence defense lawyers carefully build a case that addresses both the pertinent facts as well as crucial points of law. Clients know they can rely on the firm’s attorneys to stand by them every step of the way, with strong, carefully crafted defenses to provide the client with the greatest opportunity for a favorable outcome.