Takings / Inverse Condemnation

Most government agencies and private citizens are familiar with the concept of condemnation: The government’s right to take land for a public project, as long as the landowner receives just and fair compensation.

Less common, though, is inverse condemnation. That’s when landowners claim a condemning authority took part of the land or created a regulation that restricted their ability to use the land. In an inverse condemnation, the landowner initiates legal action.

Crowe LaFave attorneys have a wealth of experience in inverse condemnation cases, defending the actions of agencies in regulatory takings, physical takings, partial takings, and allegations of unreasonable development restrictions.

The experienced legal team at Crowe LaFave can help agencies at every stage of the process, from the initial complaint through litigation if necessary. They understand the evidence and research needed to prevail in an inverse condemnation case. They have deep experience in handling a wide variety of challenges cases, including lack of public use or necessity.